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Scattered Clouds
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    • First Alert 48 Hour Forecast

      Expect more of the same to start the week as far as the weather is concerned. Expect another subzero night in southwest Montana and higher elevations in the Missoula/Bitterroot area. Kalispell and the Mission Valley will continue to be under the cloud blanket with lows in the teens.

      There won't be a big change in temperature again on Monday. Highs will be in the teens and low 20s.

      We will start to warm up midweek after a weak system moves into the area. There will be a slight chance of a shower in Kalispell Wednesday. Some of this could be freezing rain.

      The next chance for snow and/or rain will be Thursday into Friday. The system should break valley inversions, meaning temperatures will soar toward 40 degrees with breezy conditions.

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