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  • First baby delivered at Granite Co. Medical Center in more than 20 years

    By Adam Painter, Reporter/Meteorologist, apainter@keci.com
    Published On: Nov 25 2014 05:53:35 PM MST
    Updated On: Nov 25 2014 10:57:28 PM MST
    PHILIPSBURG, Mont. -

    Subzero temperatures, icy roads, and a remote area -- those were the circumstances surrounding a young Philipsburg couple about to have a baby Tuesday morning.

    Unable to make it to the hospital in Anaconda, they parked at the Granite County Medical Center in Philipsburg, where that clinic delivered its first baby in more than 20 years.

    Around 5 a.m., on November 13, Mike Kaminski heard this, from his wife: "'Babe, I think my water broke.'  And I kind of looked at her, and I was like, 'Are you sure?'"

    He was about to go to his job as a cook at the Sunshine Station.  Instead he loaded up the car and headed south on Highway 1.

    Mike and Kari Kaminski live in Philipsburg.  It's a 40-minute drive to the hospital in Anaconda.

    Mike said neither panicked, "Sublime moments.  Everything is just there.  Calm, cool and collected.  You have a mission objective.  You know what you've got to do.  You do what you have to do to accomplish the mission."

    But he didn't get very far.  He drove two miles south of town, to Fred Burr Creek, when Kari told him the baby was coming.

    Since they did not have the time to make it to Anaconda, they went instead to the Granite County Medical Center.  Eight minutes after their arrival, Sidney was born.

    The medical center just survived a hot-button mill levy to keep its operation going.

    Mike added, "If that hospital hadn't been there, she would have calved out on the side of the road, and been having a baby there in negative 20 temperatures, you know, without proper care or anything.  It's a damn good thing this hospital is here, and I thank God every day for it."

    The clinic had one physician there that morning and two nurses who rose to the occasion.

    Mike summed it up, "One minute the baby is just a thought, and then all of a sudden you have a little life in your arms.  Greatest feeling in the world.  Wouldn't change anything for it."

    Mom chose not to get in front of the camera, but she did say Sydney Marie Kaminski is a healthy baby who was born at 6 pounds, 8 ounces, and measured 19 inches long.

  • UMass Amherst cuts ties with Bill Cosby

    By By Dana Ford CNN
    Published On: Nov 27 2014 06:56:16 PM MST
    Updated On: Nov 27 2014 10:33:15 PM MST
    Bill Cosby


    (CNN) -

    The University of Massachusetts Amherst and its alumnus Bill Cosby have split ways amid allegations of sexual assault and rape.

    At least 15 women have spoken out to various media outlets accusing the comedian of sexual misconduct.

    "Bill Cosby has agreed to resign as an honorary co-chair of UMass Amherst's capital campaign. He no longer has any affiliation with the campaign nor does he serve in any other capacity for the university," said Ed Blaguszewski, a spokesman for the school.

    Cosby got his master's and doctorate in education from the university in the 1970s.

    Many of the women accusing Cosby say he drugged them before he raped them. Some of the alleged attacks took place decades ago.

    The 77-year-old comedian has denied some of the allegations and refused to discuss others. He has never been prosecuted.

    The accusations have taken their toll on Cosby's reputation as the beloved Dr. Huxtable -- the sweet, sweater-wearing father on the sitcom, "The Cosby Show."

    They've also hit his earnings, as Netflix postponed a stand-up comedy special and NBC also decided against moving forward with a Cosby project.

    A lawyer for Cosby has called the increasing number of claims of sexual assault against the comedian "ridiculous" and said the media should stop airing "unsubstantiated, fantastical stories."

    Martin D. Singer said in a written statement sent to CNN that it defies common sense that "so many people would have said nothing, done nothing, and made no reports to law enforcement or asserted civil claims if they thought they had been assaulted over a span of so many years."

    One of Cosby's accusers, Andrea Constand, did file a civil suit.

    In January 2004, Constand, then a 31-year-old staffer for the women's basketball team at Temple University -- Cosby's alma mater -- was at the comedian's Cheltenham, Pennsylvania, home when Cosby provided her medication that made her dizzy, she alleged the following year.

    She later woke up to find her bra undone and her clothes in disarray, she further alleged to police in her home province of Ontario, Canada, in January 2005.

    Though Cosby's attorney initially called Constand's claim "utterly preposterous" and no charges were filed, Cosby settled a civil suit with Constand that alleged 13 Jane Does had similar stories of sexual abuse.

    When Cosby attorney John Schmitt sent out a blanket denial of several allegations that have cropped up recently, he later amended his denial to say he wasn't referring to Constand, who resolved her differences "to the mutual satisfaction of Mr. Cosby and Ms. Constand years ago."

  • Two passengers extracted from car on frozen pond

    By Will Wadley, KECI Weekend Anchor, wwadley@keci.com
    Published On: Nov 27 2014 12:07:29 PM MST
    Updated On: Nov 27 2014 03:22:36 PM MST
    MISSOULA, Mont. -

    First responders safely helped two people to dry land after their vehicle crashed and rolled after hitting black ice near Lolo, coming to a stop on a frozen pond.

    The accident was reported around 10:45 a.m. Thursday morning just west of Travelers Rest Country Store on Highway 12.

    Natalie and Nole Studley were driving through the area when they spotted the crash.

    "It must have just happened. We were the first to get here. They were out on the ice and we pulled over," said Natalie.

    "We weren't sure if it had just happened, or if it was an old wreck," added Nole. "But they were in there waving their hands out."

    The Studley's say they called 911 to report the crash.

    First responders brought cold weather water gear and extraction equipment out onto the ice and they were able to cut two passengers out of the vehicle.

    Both passengers were conscious and able to walk.  They were taken to the hospital with unknown injuries.

    Trooper Jim Kitchin says first responders were kept busy throughout the Thanksgiving morning.

    "We had a few crashes this morning, same type of deal. Icy roads. Just because they look a little drier, and the sun's out, doesn't mean you can take away that factor that the roads might be icy in these kind of conditions."

    Kitchin says he's seen temperatures vary greatly within a small area.

    "We've seen anywhere from 50 degrees down to 32 degrees already within 10 miles, and that's what's causing this affect. My hat's off to these rural fire guys who did one heck of a job today. I think seatbelts played a big part in this deal. I want people to buckle up, don't drink and drive, and slowdown, and get to your destination safely."

  • Bozeman shoppers hit up early Black Friday deals

    By Lauren Maschmedt, KTVM Anchor, lmaschmedt@ktvm.com
    Published On: Nov 27 2014 11:00:30 PM MST
    BOZEMAN, Mont. -

    At T-minus two hours to Black Friday shopping, not a whole lot of people were in front of Target.

    Fast forward to ten minutes before the doors opened, and the line stretched all the way down the building.

    The line formed fast for Target's 6 pm opening the earliest ever for the store.

    Black Friday is not really Black "Friday" anymore.

    Shoppers had mixed reactions when asked what they thought about the early openings.

    Some said it's not an issue-- they ate early in the day before heading to the stores.

    "It helps," shopper Kevin Smith said. "It brings the crowds down, and not so many people."

    Others, think it's losing its appeal.

    "It kind of is sad," Deedee Dalke said. "I think that it really cuts into the family time."

    "It's kind of losing some of the fun of Black Friday," said Julie Wilbanks. Her daughter, Lindsey, echoed "I really like getting all excited for Black Friday, and it's like every year it just gets earlier and earlier."

    While some, are just plain torn.

    "It's just so hard to pass up good the deals that are happening," said Anicee Yearick, who came shopping with her daughter and son.

    Many big stores have chosen to make a statement by staying closed on Thanksgiving- like Costco, Lowe's and TJ Maxx.

    Regardless, Target got crowded fast, as people snatched up door buster deals and scored deep discounts.

    Just as quickly as the long line formed outside, a line formed inside.

    After shoppers had their fill, they wound up and down the isles waiting to pay for those Black Friday deals.

    At the front of that line stood Executive Team Leader of Guest Experience Eddie Schaff, pointing shoppers to open registers.

    This is his 20th Black Friday working at Target.

    "It's just fun, it's a good to kick off the holiday," Schaff said.

    He said the store starts preparing for the big opening on Wednesday.

    "Basically doing the prep- some of it behind the scenes that you guys don't even see," he said.

    He said a team works on bringing out all the box displays of door buster items, and they set up barriers to keep the lines in check.

    All to make sure everything goes smoothly for shoppers.

  • Kalispell eatery serves up free Thanksgiving meals

    By Chris Ferreira, KCFW Reporter, cferreira@kcfw.com
    Published On: Nov 27 2014 04:15:28 PM MST
    Sykes Diner Thanksgiving Dinner
    KALISPELL, Mont. -

    One local eatery in Kalispell continued an over 30-year-old tradition today by serving up free Thanksgiving meals.

    And dining in wasn't the only option. Volunteers were also on hand to deliver meals all around town.

    Anne Gentry and her son Kirk were just two of the many volunteers loading up their car to deliver meals.

    "Makes you feel grateful for how blessed we are and then to go have others that are less fortunate to be able to get a nice Thanksgiving dinner," said volunteer Kirk Gentry.

    For Kirk this is his second year volunteering and for Anne it's her first.

    "It make you feel really good when you go and see some of these people that otherwise would just be eating by themselves," said volunteer Anne Gentry.

    But for others, the meals at Sykes are a tradition years in the making. And even though the turkey was free and delicious, volunteers and organizers tell us the day is really all about community.

    "It's really the fellowship. And you hear it in the background. The friendship, the community getting together and enjoying each others company which is so important for us," said Sykes owner Ray Thompson.

    "You see how fortunate you are to be where you are and it just does something to be able to help somebody else out," said Anne Gentry.

    After deliveries were made, the scene back at Sykes was festive. And for Kirk and Anne, it's an experience they hope to make a tradition of their own.

    "I'm sure my mother will make sure I volunteer next year," said Kirk Gentry.

    Sykes estimates that they served around 1,000 people during this years meal.

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