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Limoncello ice cream

Published On: Dec 03 2012 11:15:55 AM MST   Updated On: Jan 06 2015 04:11:02 AM MST

Makes 2 ½ cups - 4 servings

This light and refreshing dessert is perfect after a festive meal. You'll find Limoncello in most liquor stores, or you can make your own

3 cups good-quality vanilla ice cream
½ cup Limoncello
Long, thin strips of lemon zest for garnish

Blend the ice cream with the limoncello in a blender until smooth. Serve immediately in small liqueur glasses for sipping.

If you prefer, immediately transfer the mixture to a covered container and freeze until firm or for up to 1 week. Use a small ice cream scoop and serve in dessert bowls.

Garnish the servings with lemon zest.