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April cold snap can shock plants and blooming fruit trees

By KECI Staff
Published On: Apr 15 2013 06:54:54 PM MDT
Updated On: Apr 15 2013 08:36:55 PM MDT
April cold snap can shock plants and fruit trees

If you have apricots in bloom, or some early variety plum trees, and you live in the Missoula area, your crop might be in trouble.

NBC Montana went to Marchie's Nursery in Missoula to look at the green inventory.

Marchie's Tracie Pierce showed us an apricot tree that was starting to bloom. Those blossoms are too fragile to take 20 some degree nights.

It might need wrapping, said Pierce, with burlap or a frost blanket.

The nursery has been telling people to wait before uncovering their roses or other perennials. If you bought petunias or irises or other popular Montana flowers, it's best to bring them in.

"Anything  that you bought somewhere that hasn't been hardened off yet," said Pierce, " you're probably going to want to cover for the next two nights and like I said, a sheet or frost blanket would work, just added insulation."

Pierce said if you have early blooming apricot or plum trees, and they're not too big, you could cover them with frost wrap or burlap. But she said you have to make sure you don't knock off the blossoms.