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Bozeman: Police respond to car slides from wintry mix

By Eric Turcio, Reporter, eturcio@ktvm.com
Published On: Apr 08 2013 06:43:35 PM MDT
Updated On: Apr 08 2013 10:14:00 PM MDT
BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Police crews responded to calls as the wintry mix made it difficult for some drivers on Monday.

Bozeman officer Rick Musson told NBC Montana he heard a number of reported slide-offs.

"One that I specifically dealt with was a slide-off," said Musson.

Musson told us slide-offs are common when people are driving too fast for road conditions. Musson says when the roads are icy people need to pay attention.

"The streets all look the same, but some of them were more slick than others. I was surprised at how slick Kagy was," explained Musson.

Musson told us North 19th St. even began to freeze up.

"You really have to be on top of your game and be extra careful and paying attention to the changing road conditions," said Musson.

Bozeman Police told NBC Montana they responded to two calls where cars slipped out on Kagy. Police say one driver lost control of their car because of driving too fast.

We wanted to know what Montana State University students thought about the weather. One student says it's just hard walking to class.

"Miserable,  just miserable. It feels like you're in a snow storm and your face is freezing off," said Hana Paladichuk.

Spencer Dahl is a student at MSU who said he doesn't mind the snow because that means more skiing, but did tell us he is itching for warmer weather too.

"I can go for a little more skiing this weekend, but I'm ready for some warm weather again," said Dahl.