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Bozeman-Yellowstone Airport sees boom in holiday passengers

Published On: Dec 23 2012 07:38:23 PM MST

Though things had slowed down by Sunday afternoon at Bozeman-Yellowstone International Airport, it was filled with holiday travelers eager to get to their destinations in what was predicted to be one of the busiest weekends in airport history.

"It has been non-stop.  It has been flooded with people that are really excited to come on vacation, we've had a ton of skiers that have been coming in and going to Yellowstone and surrounding areas such as Big Sky and Gardiner and those kind of places," said Averee Chifamba of Destination Yellowstone at the airport.

Chifamba also works at Karst Stage shuttles at the airport.  She says after summer ends there's a noticeable lull at the airport.  But in the last week that's all changed, and the airlines are adding more flights to accommodate all the extra travelers.

"Everybody said that the airlines are really picking up their flights, doubling if not almost tripling the flights that are coming in here and it's been showing. I think they must be increasing air carriers too because the loads of people that are coming in on each flight has been amazing," said Chifamba.

But things won't be slowing down at the airport any time soon, next weekend is supposed to be just as busy, if not busier.

"I was actually talking to some of the staff here at the airport this morning and I said man, it's getting busy around this place.  And they said oh you've seen nothing, they said wait till next week.  They said it's going to go through the roof," Chifamba said.

Before holiday travelers even entered the airport it was evident how busy this weekend would be. Typically it takes just a few moments to find parking here, but on Sunday people told me it took them an average of between 10 and 15 minutes just to find a parking spot.