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Community raises funds for fire damaged shop

Published On: Mar 11 2013 09:21:21 AM MDT

Bill Crosier is a tinkerer. He’s a specialty engine mechanic by trade, but he says most of what he does is tinkering.

Ask anybody in his community of motorsports enthusiasts and machine operators, and you may hear that he is a master of his craft.

That craft is much harder to do these days, after a fire destroyed and damaged thousands of dollars of special equipment and tools Crosier has collected over the years.

The small business he runs out of the garage at his South Missoula home doesn’t bring in enough revenue to replace the damaged items, let alone the man hours it will take to restore what is not completely gone.

Reed Hunter is a good friend and frequent customer of Crosier’s, and has been a major contributor to the efforts set forth by the community to help Crosier get back to work.

“Bill’s been so good to everyone in the community for so long, that we thought we needed to try and organize and see if we could help him out because he’s helped an awful lot of us for a long time.”

Men young and old have been flocking to Crosier’s property to help lend a hand, but it takes more than the average Joe to clean some of the damaged equipment.

“Some of that stuff is so particular,” Hunter says, “you really have to know what your doin’ or you can cause more damage than good.”

People who aren’t able to lend a hand to the cause have started a benefit fund through First Security Bank.

Right now the savings are modest. 3,000 dollars is not near enough to pay for the 50 some odd thousand dollars in damages that Crosier estimates.

Anybody who would like to offer help to his cause can take a donation to any First Security Bank location or by mailing Bill Crosier Benefit Fund, First Security Bank. You can also mail donations to P.O. Box 4506, Missoula MT. 59806