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Dentist offers sweet reward for sweet treats

Published On: Nov 01 2012 06:56:57 PM MDT

Kids count the days until Halloween - a time when they can dress up and trick or treat in their neighborhood. But those who received more sweets than they can stomach can no turn their Halloween gold into cash.

"The moms are thrilled. The kids? We'll see," said Lynette Jarvis.

Great Northern Dental's Dr. Ron Jarvis and his wife Lynette came up with the idea where kids could earn up to $10 for their goodies. It also supports a good cause.

"At first we thought it'd be great for the kids to come in and sell their candy," said Lynette. "And then I Googled it and I found Operation Gratitude."

The Jarvis' will donate all the candy from their collection to Operation Gratitude, who will mail it to deployed American soldiers who are in harms way.

"I didn't even realize or think about the fact that some soldiers don't have access to a normal grocery store or they can't just go guy a candy bar whenever they want," said Lynette, "so it's a really big deal for those who haven't had chocolate in a really long time."

Eleven-year-old Nathan Pickler was in the office for a checkup and dropped off some of his stash.

"My mom said the troops fighting, we can donate the candy to the dentist," said Pickler. "Not all of it, had to have some for myself!"

"The parents want to donate, the kids are excited to to get their money," said Lynette. "And we don't blame them, I think it's a big deal for them to turn over their valuable candy."

Great Northern Dental will accept candy donations on Friday, November 2 from 9am-5pm. They're located at 160 Heritage Way, Suite 101 in Kalispell.