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Icy paths leave pedestrians out in the cold

Published On: Dec 10 2012 03:40:58 PM MST   Updated On: Dec 10 2012 08:52:14 PM MST

Snow in Missoula has made the morning commute a tricky task, and an even more daunting trek for pedestrians and cyclists trying to save gas this winter.

The city of Missoula has procedures to have all priority roads plowed and deiced by 7:30 a.m., but sidewalks are left up to the owner of the front facing businesses and homes.

Be a good neighbor and clear your sidewalks for public access.

Bike paths adjacent to first priority roads are being deiced, and road clearing crews are permitted from plowing snow onto bike paths.

Many bike paths are still being covered though, and commuters are smart to take caution.

Bike commuter Sean Nevins rides a mile to the University every day. Part of his trek is down Higgins and the hip strip, where he shares the road with cars.

“The roads are pretty narrow right now because of all the snow and ice,” Nevins says. “It’s a little dangerous if you’re not careful.”

Nevins has developed a trick to surviving the winter roads now that the bike paths are taken over by snow and ice.

“I flank my foot out to stabilize myself in case I slip. And just ride slow. Cars are usually willing to share the road alright.”

To see a map of bike paths and routs that are on the city’s first priority snow removal list, you can visit the city of Missoula web site. Just follow our link here.