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MPD pays more for ammo, first time in four years

Published On: Mar 14 2013 05:33:55 PM MDT

A national ammunition shortage has some paying big bucks for bullets and police departments are no exception.

The city of Missoula Police Department crunched some numbers and they report the city's seeing the first price increase for ammo in four years.

It's about 10 percent jump from what they've been paying, it evens out to about $900 more a year. The MPD has a $12.6 million budget, so $900 isn’t necessarily a big dent. But it doesn't mean they won't have to make cuts elsewhere.

“Any increase in our budget always affects us somewhere else,” said Missoula Police Captain Scott Hoffman. “We don't have an unlimited amount of funds and so that $900 we lose to the increase in ammunition has to come out of something else.”

Hoffman said while the price has gone up, the department doesn't have to worry about supply. The local ammo dealer the department uses is keeping the police a top priority.

Hoffman indicated the majority of that ammo is used for officers' tests and training.