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Man builds snow cat for girlfriend

Published On: Jan 31 2013 12:22:07 PM MST   Updated On: Jan 31 2013 08:18:47 PM MST

A White Bengal Tiger made of snow has become a popular, if short lived, photo op in Missoula.

Shere Khan was a gift to Nicole Warren from her boyfriend Ben Woods.


There's some exotic wildlife attracting attention in the middle of Missoula. He rests in a residential yard on Stephens and Mount. Passersby can't get enough of him.

The white Bengal tiger called "Shere Khan" is a popular photo op.

He's twice, maybe three times the size of other tigers, but he's only days old, and sadly he won't live long. He's melting.

Ben Woods' girlfriend Nicole Warren loves tigers. Ben loves Nicole.

"I looked up and I saw one of my girlfriend's tiger posters," said Woods, "and I saw a white Bengal tiger and I was like...that's perfect."

Nicole had a bad day at work, and Ben wanted to cheer her up. He enlisted the help of Nicole's little brother and they started moving snow. It took them four hours.

"We had a shovel, a knife and a little bit of black spray paint," said Woods.

The end result was an amazingly lifelike tiger.

Ben went to pick up his girlfriend. He made her close her eyes. When she opened them and saw the snow cat in the front yard she thought it was an over-sized stuffed animal.

"I was really surprised," said Warren.

Ben was surprised that Shere Khan was such a hit.

People have been coming by to get their pictures taken with them.

Ben is certainly a hit with Nicole.

"It's an adventure with him," she said. "I love him a lot."

The couple are both University of Montana students. Both have jobs that keep them busy.

Shere Khan's visit may be short. But he's made a lasting impression.