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Medical marijuana on the ballot in Montana

Published On: Oct 30 2012 10:06:06 PM MDT

Montana voters will decide the fate of new medical marijuana regulations passed by state legislators last year.

The initiative asks whether voters want to keep SB-423, with its more stringent regulations, or revert back to the original medical marijuana law passed in 2004.

State representatives who voted for SB-423 said the original, voter approved ballot initiative was too vague and let things get out of hand.

"The initial bill was put into place to allow a narrow scope of people be able to use marijuana," said State Representative Ron Ehli. "It grew way past what I believe was the will of the people"

Ehli said SB-423 was designed to bring medical marijuana in Montana under control, while preserving the intent of the 2004 law.

Advocates of medical marijuana say SB-423 goes too far.

"It doesn't regulate anything, it just makes barriers to participation, and that's just not regulatory," said medical marijuana advocate Chris Lindsey.

I-124, the upcoming initiative on the ballots next week, is a little confusing. If you want to keep SB-423, the law passed last year, vote for I-124. To vote against SB-423 and revert back to the 2004 law, vote against I-124.