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Missoula car show breaks records

Published On: Apr 14 2013 10:38:36 PM MDT

This weekend marked the 6th annual Car Club Exposition at the Southgate Mall in Missoula.

14 local automotive clubs broke a record and fit 70 vehicles in the building for the big show.  

NBC Montana was there and talked to one classic car owner who tells us he’s been showing cars for decades. 

“When I was growing up back in the 50's and 60's I was a car fanatic,” said Hellgate Car Club member Jeff Stevens,  “We'd drive down the highway and I was able to identify every make of car you ever saw because it's not like today where the cars are kind of anonymous.” 

This year Stevens displayed four cars including a 1941 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Club Coupe.

“We spent a year since restoring this car and adding a lot of really interesting options to it,” said Stevens.  “It's one of the most fully equipped optioned 1941 Chevrolets in the country at this point.”

The car has a long list of additions including: washboard trim on the sides, wing tipped bumpers, a flying lady hood ornament, and fog and driving lights.

“Inside it's got the optional umbrella carrier and this car is equipped with an optional short wave radio which was an interesting accessory back in 1941,” said Stevens. 

“You look at some of these and there is some unbelievable work here,” said Alan Ault, President of Montana Automotive Technologies.  “There is a lot of nostalgia and so many people say 'oh I had one of those,' or ' boy I remember my dad had one,’” said Ault.  “It's just fun for the people to share their stories with us.”

“When you get started on this it becomes kind of a passion, almost like a disease but a good disease,” said Stevens. 

Stevens says he loves showing off his historic gems with others and hopes car shows like this will help inspire the next generation of car junkies.

“The generation that are showing these 50's 60's and even 70's vintage cars we’re getting older and we need young people to step up, get interested and continue on the tradition that we've started.”

For more information about future Missoula car shows click here.