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NRA statement prompts discussion on armed officers in schools

Published On: Dec 21 2012 10:40:16 PM MST

The National Rifle Association broke its silence Friday, one week after the tragic school shooting in Connecticut.

Chief Executive Wayne Lapierre blamed the shooting on violence in movies, video games and music videos.  He called for armed police officers to be posted in every school.

The Missoula County School District announced the formation of a school safety advisory committee, but at this point there are no specifics on what kind of changes that could bring to schools here, including armed police officers.

The NRA announced that it will fund a team that will design a program to help get armed security personnel into schools across the nation.

NBC Montana talked to locals about how they felt about the idea of having armed officers walking school hallways.  Missoula resident and mother Liza Crockett says she's okay with it.

“You know it's not like they have to have AK-47s strapped across their back,” said Crockett.  “All they have to have is a handgun on a normal police belt.”

Others say they think having armed personnel isn't enough.  Mission resident Valerie Acevedo says she thinks school security needs to be increased at all public schools.  “I think that there should be, every teacher armed because you’re trusting your kids to go out there to school and not get shot up,” said Acevedo. 

Crockett says she thinks the number of officers in each school should depend on how many students there are.  “A small town like Circle, Montana, where the population is like 100, maybe they don’t need an armed police officer,” said Crockett. 

If you are interested in learning more about the NRA’s stance on this shooting click here.