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New interactive app available for elk hunters

Published On: Jan 04 2013 10:38:05 PM MST   Updated On: Jan 04 2013 10:47:00 PM MST

There's a new interactive app out that's designed to help hunters successfully take down elk.  It was released by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation about a week ago. 

It's called Lethal Shot and it's one of the first apps of its kind.  Lethal Shot merges new high-tech gadgetry and old-style hunting into one.

It allows users to navigate 360 degrees around an animated elk and choose any angle to gauge a shot's effectiveness.

“Not only at different angles with the animals’ skin on but it peels the skin back and you can see underneath: the bones, the vital organs and the muscles,” said spokesperson for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Mark Holyoak.  “It'll give them a better idea if the elk is turned a certain way and they shoot at a particular angle where the bullet will go.”

3-D imaging simulates shot trajectories to help users learn what vital organs the bullet or arrow struck. 

NBC Montana talked to one hunter who said this would be a great app to use for beginner hunters or kids.

“It’s a pretty nice concept to show the kids what they're shooting at so they know how to take out the animal so it doesn't suffer,” said Montana hunter Zach Martin.  “It's a quick shot and they know exactly where they're hitting at so I think that's a smart app.”

“Nobody likes to shoot an animal and have the animal go on and on and have to track it because you know it's not good for the animal,” said Holyoak.  “You know that if you're going to pull the trigger you want it to be an efficient kill and that's exactly what this app helps with.”

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation says the design for the app has been in the works for over a year and they're very excited to hear feedback from hunters.

“We're all about fair chase hunting and we’re all about ethical hunting and people being educated about how they do it and this is just one tool for that, so we hope people take advantage of this,” said Holyoak. 

Lethal Shot is available in the App Store for the iPad and iPhone. NBC Montana has been told that the app will be available for Androids soon.