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New program turns up heat on DUI offenders

Published On: Oct 16 2012 04:59:11 PM MDT   Updated On: Oct 16 2012 05:36:51 PM MDT

Law enforcement officials in Silver Bow County are cracking down harder then ever against DUI offenders.

BUTTE, Mont. -

If you live in Silver Bow County and are caught drinking and driving more than once, a judge could put your car or truck on lockdown.

Law enforcement officials in Silver Bow County say over 400 DUIs have been issued within the past two years, some from repeat offenders.

"The boot program is another tool in the toolbox to make that individual who is considering drinking and driving to maybe think twice before they actually do it," said Sheriff John Walsh.

The way the program works is a judge will order a boot or wheel lock to be put on an offender’s vehicle, and it can be on there for up to 30 days

That means you or anyone else can't drive that vehicle until the court decides when the boot comes off.

"When people start seeing boots on cars they're going to realize the county is not joking this time," added Troy Hansen, one of the coordinators behind the program.

Already a total of five boots have been installed this year alone and other coordinators with the program say it's opened those repeat offenders eyes.

"The idea is to make the whole community safe that's the process," concluded Walsh.

The cost of these wheel locks can add up, its $70 each time the device is put on and removed from a vehicle. 

Additionally its $3 a day for every day the device is on the vehicle, all of which must be paid by the offender.