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Office of the Commissioner of Campaign Finances and Practices

By Associated Press
Published On: Nov 01 2012 12:57:55 PM MDT
Helena Capitol Winter
HELENA, Mont. -

Police are investigating an apparent break-in at the office where the state's campaign finance records are kept.
The investigation comes just five days before the election and during a legal challenge by a consultant to a conservative group over files held by the commissioner of political practices.
Officials with the Office of the Commissioner of Campaign Finances and Practices say a security guard reported finding the door open and the basement light on Tuesday night.
Nothing appears to have been taken.
The basement is where the contested documents from American Tradition Partnership consultant Christian LeFer were held until recently.
LeFer is seeking the return of the documents, claiming they were previously stolen before ending up at the political practices office.
Political practices officials say the documents are secure and off-site.