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Riders take advantage of Bridger Bowl's last weekend of the season

Published On: Apr 08 2013 08:49:35 AM MDT
BOZEMAN, Mont. -

It may be the last weekend Bridger Bowl's open but it's Brandy Higgins' first day of the season.

"It's really sad. Now that I'm up here, I just forget how awesome it is to be on the hill all day," says Higgins.

She scored a couple of free lift tickets and brought her friend Thom Vanwinkle, a first time Bridger Bowler.

"Everybody's super friendly up here. It's been a great experience. Everyone's nice. Even for the last day of the season, still got big smiles and ready to help you out," says Vanwinkle.

Higgins says, despite variable conditions, she's enjoying the spring skiing.

"It's kind of sticky, a little slushy but I think it snowed a couple of inches last night so, it's great. I mean, it's good for the last weekend of the season," explains Higgins.

She's not alone.

"Not as much as usual but still really good."

Miles Fastnow and his sister Quinn are no strangers to Bridger Bowl.

"It's got a lot of fun runs. I really like the gullies a lot and I just like it," says Quinn.

The two have been skiing for close to four years now.

"How was this season compared to other seasons?" I asked.

"Well, I have to say, a lot, lot lot better!" exclaims Quinn.

Folks with Bridger Bowl tell me they saw 182,000 visitors this season, about average, and had a little below average to average snowfall.

"We started out with a great base, right before the season opened so, it's been a good year," says Bridger Bowl Marketing's Michael Gill.

Now, as this season comes to a close, folks like Higgins and Vanwinkle are looking forward to next season.

"Knowing that I wait to wait four or five months before we get up here again. Yeah, it's a little disappointing," says Higgins.

"Can't wait to come back next year!" says Vanwinkle.