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Snowfall modest in Bozeman, heavy at Bridger

Published On: Nov 25 2012 11:14:16 PM MST
BOZEMAN, Mont. -

A few inches of snow fell over Bozeman early Sunday morning, and locals took advantage.

One group got their dogs out to enjoy the powder.

"Get them out in the snow and get them used to it. Get their feet used to it" said Bonnie Griffis, who brought her dogs to Dinosaur Park with friends Ari Kaufman and Alexa Harris.

The group had five dogs in total, all of which were rowdy and ready to play. "Try to minimize the barking a little bit" Kaufman said with a laugh.

Others went sledding.

"It's a little rocky, lots of grass coming through" said Bozeman mom Katie Lowe, who hit the hills with her sons- 4-year old Bryson and 2-year old Coby.

The snow wasn't what some were expecting.

"There's not quite as much snow as we were hoping for" Lowe said.

The ground barely got covered in some areas, but that meant the roads stayed clear.

Montana Highway Patrol and Bozeman PD said it was mostly a quiet day.

In town, police responded to only two minor accidents. Sunday evening, MHP was busier and responded to a few crashes near Bozeman Pass and Livingston- but nothing serious.

Bozeman may not have seed much snow, but it was quite a different story at Bridger Bowl, where skiers and snowboarders said it snowed all day.

The lifts weren't officialy open, but many back country enthusiasts came out to hike up and hit the slopes.

"Clouds were kind of up there, make it hard to see- it was fun getting to storm ski" said skier Kyle Steger.

Steger said conditions were better than this time last year. "There's definitely some rocks, but it's pretty good all in all" he said.

And many hope the snow will keep coming.

"Hopefully it just keeps doing this and we're all skiing lots of powder here really soon" said Steger.

Lowe hopes to hit the slopes soon, too. "Definitely needs to keep going- needs to pick it up a little bit even" she said.

"It'd be nice to keep it around for a while and see lots more of it" Kaufman said. Their dogs barked all around them, almost as if in agreement. "I hope we get more" said Griffis.