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Tips on how to stick to your New Year's Resolution

By Katherine Mozzone, KTVM Reporter, kmozzone@ktvm.com
Published On: Dec 29 2012 07:45:15 PM MST
BOZEMAN, Mont. -

It's a New Year's Resolution that many of us have set for ourselves at some point in our life but getting to the gym is often easier said than done.  We stopped at a Bozeman gym to find out just how many more people they see over the holiday and to learn some tips that will help those folks keep coming back all year long.

"I find the New Year, people get really motivated, they get really excited, they start their workout and they go full force and then, oftentimes, it doesn't stick," says Ridge Athletic Club Fitness Director Krista Kottraba.

Kottraba's been working at the Ridge for four years and says every year she inevitably sees a spike in new membership right after the holidays but few of those new members actually stick around.

"I think when people pick a goal and they go right into it 100%...their mind isn't ready yet to work with their body so, they start doing something and all the sudden, their body's tired and broken down and their mind is like, I'm done," explains Kottraba.

That's why she says it's important to have a plan and start small.

"Work slow, take your time and enjoy what you're doing.  Find something you enjoy.  Fitness doesn't have to be a struggle.  It doesn't have to be hard.  It can be fun," says Kottraba.

Kottraba says accountability is also a big obstacle for folks with a new exercise regimen and that finding a personal trainer or a class you like can help.

Ridge Member Emily Barnhardt had a baby a little over a year ago and wants to get in shape for her sister's wedding.  She says she got going with an aerobics class nearly two months ago but since the class ended, she's had to find other ways to motivate herself.

"I just keep watching the scale so, so far I haven't gained any since I started and I've gone down every time I've got on so, that's definitely reinforcement," says Barnhardt.

She works out early mornings for an hour, six days a week and so far, she's only been late once.  Barnhardt says a little outside encouragement helps, also.

"My husband.  He's really praised me on my accomplishments and he's been pushing me in a good way so, that's been really helpful," says Barnhardt.

Barnhardt hopes to reach her weight-loss goal by May or June but already she's seeing the benefits of her new routine.

"Before, I'd get home from school and my son and I would lounge around in the living room and just kind of be lazy and now, I've got a lot more energy and we're actually going on walks in the stroller in the afternoon even though it's freezing out," explains Barnhardt.

It's even more motivation to keep her coming back.