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Unique phone scam hits multiple Belgrade residents

Published On: Jan 12 2013 11:48:02 PM MST

NBC Montana told you, Friday, about a phone scam that's affected multiple Belgrade residents, in which someone pretending to be a Microsoft representative may be trying to remotely gain access to victims' computers in order to gain personal information.

We wanted to know more about this scam so we sat down with Sergeant Dustin Lensing of the Belgrade Police Department.

He told us the man is calling people and saying their computer might have a virus and then asks for computer log-ins and personal information.

Lensing says the scam is different and more technologically advanced than the ones they usually see and be more widespread than they know.

"Any kind of communication that you receive that's unsolicited or unwanted or unrequested in which someone contacts you, either by phone or email or some other medium and requests personal information- banking information, business information, Social Security number, anything like that- I would automatically be suspect to that," says Lensing.

We asked Lensing for some tips to help protect you from scams like this one.

He told us to use common sense, think things through and not to let your emotions take over.

If you think it might be a scam, hang up and call the company or organization the caller claims to work for or ask to speak with the person's supervisor.

Don't be afraid to ask questions or call your local authorities if you have any doubts.

Most of all, he urges folks not to release personal information of any kind.