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An inside look at Labor Day weekend patrols in Bozeman

Published On: Sep 01 2013 05:28:30 PM MDT
BOZEMAN, Mont. -

It is a weekend that marks the end of summer, but can also mean an increase in crime. We took a ride with a Bozeman Police officer to show you what patrolling on a holiday weekend looks like.

Officer Obadiah Rouse made his usual rounds Sunday morning. But this Sunday fell on a holiday weekend.

"Quite a few things that kind of happen around labor day, it's the last little vacation before school actually really gets going," said Rouse.

This means a lot more people on the road.

"We do see a lot more in the way of traffic violations," said Rouse.

With the increase in traffic comes increased patrol.

"More specialized traffic enforcement as for as the drunk driving patrols and things like that," said Rouse.

We were only in the car for 10 minutes before we made our first stop.

"Looks like were going be at Main and 7th, stand by for plate," said Rouse.

It was a simple speeding violation. But as we continued down the road we found out the biggest concern.

"We are concerned about the open containers, we are concerned about the driving along with the alcohol," said Rouse.

We rode along during the day, so we did not get a chance to see any of these kinds of violations. But Officer Rouse tells us the mix of college students back in town and a holiday weekend can keep them busy.

"We have a lot of parties going on at night, after talking with the guys from night shift this morning, they had a few they had to go to last night," said Rouse.

As the ride along came to a close and we headed back to the station, we asked him to sum up a holiday weekend from an officers perspective.

"People can get really hurt, so we want to keep them safe and have a fun place to be," said Rouse.

Even though our time in the car was finished, Officer Rouse was back on the road within minutes. Working to keep the streets of Bozeman safe during Labor Day weekend.