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Anaconda man charged with homicide in shooting

Published On: Dec 24 2013 01:53:53 PM MST   Updated On: Nov 12 2013 06:34:21 PM MST

We're learning new details about a weekend shooting in Anaconda that left one man dead. 21-year-old Dylan Jess is accused of shooting killing 45-year-old Robert Furman.

Police said the shooting happened at an Anaconda home early Saturday morning. The suspect, Dylan Jess appeared before a judge for the first time this morning for a bail hearing. The amount, $250,000.

The Anaconda Police Department and friends and family of the victim are working to sort through the details to figure out what happened early Saturday morning in the shooting death of Robert Furman.

Anaconda Police Chief Tim Barkell explained what he says his investigators have pieced together since Saturday night.

"They all took off because the suspect was angry at someone at that party and went and grabbed the gun at the victim's house," Barkell said.
He said both men were at a party in Opportunity, west of Anaconda. Barkell said Jess, Furman, and a few others left the party and went back to Furman's house in town. Witnesses claim the two men began arguing about a shotgun.

"The victim supposedly ejected all the rounds in the gun, or thought he ejected all the rounds, and stated 'You want to play a game? Go ahead and pull the trigger' and the guy reached over and pulled the trigger," Barkell explained.

Barkell explained this is where things get fuzzy. According to some witnesses, Furman loaded another shell, but others have disputed that.

Investigators are trying to figure out if Dylan Jess knew the gun was loaded.

"He fixed cars and motor bikes, and if you asked him to do something he'd do it for you," said Furman's neighbor Dan Thomes.

He described him as a nice guy who kept to himself and worked hard.

"I don't like losing my neighbors because I get along good with all my neighbors," said Thomes.

We also ran into Jori Fitzpatrick, who worked with Furman while he was a cook at Fairmont Hot Springs. She said the shooting has shook the whole town.

"I think it's kind of scary because most people in Anaconda think it's a safe little town and something wouldn't happen here, but then it does and it shakes the town I think," Fitzpatrick explained.