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Deadline nears to vote for food banks in grant contest

Published On: Apr 29 2013 02:03:59 PM MDT   Updated On: Apr 29 2013 05:02:26 PM MDT

There’s only one day left to vote for your local food bank to win a grant from Walmart.

NBC Montana alerted our viewers at the beginning of April to the Facebook contest that has been taking place all month. Anybody can vote as long as you have a Facebook account.

There are two different grant competitions being offered. The Montana Food Bank is competing in a group exclusive to larger food bank networks. The 40 organizations with the most votes in that group will receive a grant for $45,000.

The Missoula Food Bank is in a smaller category of local food banks for a prize of $20,000. The top 60 organizations in that grouping are awarded the grant money.

Folks at the Missoula Food Bank say they have been in and out of the top 60 places throughout the month of voting.

"It seems like it's top of mind during the week, but on the weekends we do really fall behind and we've seen that as a trend throughout the entire month,” says Missoula Food Bank Community Relations Director Jessica Alred. “This last weekend we really took a hard hit, falling out of the top 60 and losing qualification for those funds."

Each Facebook account gets one vote per day, but that includes both groups.

So if you vote for Missoula Food Bank, you cannot cast your vote for Montana Food Bank Network until the next day.

Gayle Gifford, the chief executive officer for Montana Food Bank Network, says voters will have to look at who is going to be the closest to benefiting from the vote.

“There are a couple of agencies in Montana that are trying to run for this, so obviously, you know we hate to do that, but we're competition among organizations that we usually have to support. So that gets to be a little bit challenging as well, so it's a matter of making choices for everybody.”

Both organizations need more voters in these last two days than they have had in any two days throughout the month.

You can go to either organization's website for a link to the Facebook voting page, or if you’re on Facebook just go to either organization's Facebook page and the link will be there, too.

The last chance to vote is 11:59 Tuesday night.

Click here to vote for Missoula Food Bank.

Click here to vote for Montana Food Bank Network.