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Flathead Spay and Neuter Task Force founder is KCFW Local Hero

Published On: Aug 01 2013 07:37:31 PM MDT   Updated On: Aug 01 2013 08:55:17 PM MDT

Once a month, Mimi Beadles opens the doors to the Flathead Spay and Neuter Task Force building on Trumble Creek Road in Columbia Falls.

"We need to do the right thing by these animals," explained Beadles.

She and countless volunteers spend hours taking care of the cats and dogs that come through to be spayed and neutered.

"It's not their choice for a cat to have seven litters," Beadles said.

But 11 years ago, it was a different story. Beadles was shocked to find out the county shelter had a high kill rate.

"At the time our shelter was taking in over 3,000 animals and euthanizing almost 2,000 of them," said Beadles. "There were so many of them here and not enough homes."

It's why Beadles is a Local Hero. Without the Task Force, there would be hundreds of thousands of what she calls "throwaway pets" living in the Flathead Valley without an owner.

"People do awful things sometimes to animals, especially the ones they pick up from Craigslist. These are supposed to be our companion animals who live with us for their whole lives," Beadles said.

Task Force volunteers back Beadles 100 percent -- they say her leadership helped them get through long hours and troubling rescues.

"There is no chore too big or too dirty that she wouldn't get right in there and do it with the rest of us," proclaimed Lynn Woods.

"She deals with any kind of small problem to fairly bigger emergency and always with a sense of calm," Barbara Taylor said.

For Beadles, its a labor of love. She's keeping our furry friends spayed and neutered so they can lead long, healthy lives. And she'll always have her team behind her vision.

"I'm a firm believer in you lead by example. Not going to have somebody do something I wouldn't do. I'll always be the last person out here. And I think people see that," Beadles said.