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Friends shocked by details of newlywed's alleged murder

By Rebecca Vogt, KCFW Reporter, rvogt@kcfw.com
Published On: Sep 10 2013 11:22:01 PM MDT

Lytaunie Blasdel told NBC Montana her longtime friend Jordan Linn Graham held similar values and beliefs to Cody Johnson.

"She said 'I want to meet a nice guy, get married. I want to have kids and I want to be a stay at home mom and just have my family,'" described Blasdel. "For the longest time Cody just always talked about how he wanted to have a good church girl. Instantly that just summed up Jordan."

It's why Blasdel's brother, Levi, introduced the pair and they fell in love.

"They courted each other for the better part of two years," said former parishioner and friend Robert Zunick.

"They got married. To him it was just everything he ever wanted," said Blasdel. "It was absolutely perfect for him."

But a week after marriage wasn't all wedded bliss. Jordan Graham reported Johnson as missing, and his body turned up in Glacier National Park on July 12th. Authorities say Johnson and Graham had taken a walk up the Loop Trail on July 7th. According to court documents the pair had an argument near a very steep section on the other side of the trail. That is where Graham allegedly pushed Johnson, face first, off the cliff.

"You hear that he was actually dead and that was the hardest thing. I don't think anyone close to him functioned well because of it," Blasdel said.

Blasdel and Zunick both noticed Graham's behavior was a bit odd following Johnson's death.

"At the funeral it was almost emotionless," Zunick explained. "That's what we observed. It seemed very strange."

On Monday, Jordan appeared in federal court on a complaint of alleging murder in the second degree. But friends still find it hard to believe that their quiet friend could be capable of such a crime.

"It strikes me totally unlike Jordan," said Zunick.

"It was hard knowing that someone so close to you could do something like that," Blasdel said. "It's hard now to even believe that it's possible."

Though there are many more weeks and months left in the case, Zunick hopes the truth eventually comes out.

"I don't want to wish ill on anybody but to take a human life is wrong. I just hope justice is served on the outcome of it."