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Kalispell residents take advantage of free counseling for healthcare registration

Published On: Dec 23 2013 08:38:26 PM MST   Updated On: Dec 23 2013 09:48:09 PM MST

The White House has just pushed back the deadline for registering for federal healthcare to start for you or your family on January first.  The new deadline is Tuesday at midnight.  It originally was supposed to be today.

One counselor at the flathead city-county health department said she has been busy since they started helping people register in October.

"Very busy. Let's see... this last week, probably I want to say 30 people and this whole month we've had 60 who have signed up with us so far," said Kellie Combs.  

If you don't register by midnight Tuesday you will have to wait to register until March, and won't be covered until April.

One person said that this is important to him, even with all the holiday bustle.

 "I did want to try to meet the January 1st deadline. It's been about three years since I have had health insurance, do it was important to me to get it done," said Scott Curry.

 Scott Curry is happy about the new plan because now he can afford health insurance for his family.

"Other plans that we have looked into have been approaching approximately 200-dollars a month and on our income, it was not affordable," said Curry.

The website has had an overflow of traffic today. Some people have received a message that there are too many people on the site. Curry told NBC that registering has gone pretty smooth for him.

"I thought it was A-OK. Kellie was a great help. In fact, I don't know if I would have been able to go on the website and do it without her. With their help, it made it a lot less stressful," said Curry.

But not everyone was so lucky. One person said they got kicked out of registering three times before deciding to call it quits. Counselors say that they will still be available to help people answer questions or register after Tuesday.

You can register at home as well at www.healthcare.gov