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Lake County judge keeps 10-year-old’s bail at $500,000

Published On: May 08 2013 11:03:05 PM MDT
Lake County judge keeps 10-year-old’s bail at $500,000

Wednesday afternoon a Lake County judge refused to lower a $500,000 bail bond for a 10-year-old St.Ignatius boy.

The judge said she had no choice, but it was a stunning loss for his family.

Judge Kim Christopher says she's concerned that the boy’s bad behavior is escalating and she says by keeping him in custody it ensures a psychological evaluation will get done.

According to a court report, the young boy misbehaved at school, including throwing a desk - violating the conditions of his probation for a burglary and theft from a year ago.

The boy’s family says a half-million dollar bail is way too much.

“It's really outrageous,” said the boy’s aunt Shaniah Douglas.  “There are other options to do instead of putting him as far away from us as possible and making the bail so high so that we can't get him out.”

Douglas says she's blown away that the judge kept her nephew’s bail so far out of reach.

“I don't see him really being a bad kid like when he gets in trouble at school it's like ‘did he really do that?’” said Douglas.  “But when he's home he's bubbly.”

Another aunt, Angela Bossy, wants her nephew home.  Right now he's at a correctional facility in Galen, 135 miles away from his family.

“Why not even meet halfway with us? To go over and beyond to hold a 10-year-old child like he's a flight risk or something,” said Bossy. “He hasn't really done anything wrong for it to be so high - it's not a serious crime, no one's in the hospital, no one's hurt, nobody’s dead.”

But Judge Christopher said she's worried about the young boy's health and his future.

“I'm concerned about having you post a large amount of money for a bond that you'll never see again when there's obviously somebody who needs as much help as he can get,” said Christopher.

The boy’s aunts insist there has to be a better option like house arrest, and they tell NBC Montana they're not done fighting.

“We miss him and we just want him back home,” said Douglas.

The boy is scheduled to take a psychological evaluation on May 17. We're told the results will be released shortly after that at another hearing.

NBC Montana will continue to follow this story and bring you the details as we learn more.