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Missoula Mayor discusses value of city taxes, compares with TV bill

By KECI Staff
Published On: Oct 19 2013 09:38:24 PM MDT
John Engen


NBC Montana continues its Decision 2013 coverage with a quick look at Missoula Mayor John Egen’s recent statement that he pays more for TV in his household than his city property taxes (minus Special Improvement Districts), In a recent Missoula Independent article, Engen is quoted as saying “I pay more for TV than police, fire, sewer, parks and recreation, and all that other good stuff that we provide.” Engen had made the comment when making the point that city property taxes go a long way in Missoula.   

NBC Montana did some digging, and Engen is right about his bills. According to online tax information, Engen paid $1,356.18 in 2012 in city taxes, excluding SID’s. His yearly TV bill was $1,775.76 according to a text massage from his service provided by Engen. It’s important to note, however, that Engen pays about $148 a month for satellite TV through Dish, rather than basic cable.  One Charter Cable TV package is advertised online at roughly $60 a month, and there are cheaper Dish options advertised as well.