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More than 800 runners participate in Bozeman Marathon

Published On: Dec 24 2013 04:00:37 AM MST   Updated On: Sep 08 2013 05:11:00 PM MDT
BOZEMAN, Mont. -

An estimated 800 runners participated in either the half or full marathon Sunday morning. All along the trail there were signs of encouragement.

"A lot of spectators along the course cheering me along the way," said Trisha Drobeck.   

But for some this marathon is about more than just conquering the miles on Sunday. It is about an even bigger race. One that had most Americans glued to the television screen earlier this year.

"It definitely feels like something I have to go back and conquer again. I didn't think I was ever going back, it was so scary," said Holly Orrell.

Holly Orrell of Belgrade is talking about the 2013 Boston Marathon turned tragedy. She finished the race before the bombs exploded.

"I just didn't have that couple of hours after words to really revel in the moment," said Orrell.

Coming in first place on Sunday for the females in the full marathon is a stepping stone. So she can once again work to conquer the Boston Marathon next year.

"After a few days, I decided 2014 is going to be the year to go," said Orrell.

Other runners we spoke to shared their thoughts on just how important the Boston Marathon is to runners.

"Going to Boston is like being invited in the Super Bowl if you like to run. I am just looking forward to playing in the Super Bowl again," said Derek Bailey.

"I did it 10 years ago, so I would like to go back a decade later and try it again," said Trisha Drobeck.

For Orrell it does not matter if it is Bozeman or Boston.

"Anywhere you go it is awesome. You see people you know, you meet people you don't know. You just have this kinship immediately, love running, love marathons," said Orrell.

This year was the third year the marathon has taken place in Bozeman.