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MSU helps fall graduates prepare for life after college

By Jordan Moore, KTVM Reporter, jmoore@ktvm.com
Published On: Dec 24 2013 02:11:42 PM MST
Updated On: Nov 14 2013 02:55:42 PM MST
BOZEMAN, Mont. -

As folks count down to the holidays, some MSU students are counting down to fall graduation. Between now and December 14, Carina Beck at MSU's career center is helping graduates gear up to find that first full-time job.

"They are meeting with our office to assist them with putting together materials and being as competitive as possible," said Beck.

Beck said they see approximately 150 students a day, and right now they are booked solid with appointments.

Jake Evans is a senior who is graduating in December. He will be earning a degree in Business Marketing and says he has used the career center for help.

"They definitely critiqued my resume, and they did really well," said Evans.

Evans has applied to four places and been through two interviews.

"I have a part time job lined up right now, and I know I could probably get another part time job, but I am really looking for a full time job," said Evans.

According to the Registrar's office, Evans is one of 1,126 students who are eligible to walk across the stage this December. This is the second December graduation for MSU since 1945.

Beck said it does not matter what time of year you graduate, but it does matter how prepared a student is.

"Be what your employer needs, understand the employers needs. Then of course you have to know who your competition is and be better than your competition," said Beck.

Beck explained recent national statistics show the unemployment rate is below four percent for those with a Bachelor's degree. She said, with those statistics, the December graduates have a very good chance at success.

"Able, thoughtful job seekers who understand what the employer needs, and are really focused on that, the opportunity is there," said Beck.