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Dangerous weather tips to help keep pets safe

Published On: Dec 03 2013 07:09:28 PM MST   Updated On: Dec 03 2013 10:37:44 PM MST
BUTTE Mont. -

We're familiar with the problems cold weather can cause people, but it can also be problem for your pets. Cold weather and wind chills can be just as dangerous to pets as they are for people.

"Really the best way to keep your animal safe is to keep them inside with you," said Butte-Silver Bow Animal Shelter Supervisor Jacki Casagranda

Dogs and cats burn calories to keep themselves warm so give them extra food and fresh, unfrozen water.

"Take them out on short breaks to go to the bathroom," said Casagranda, "and bring them back in."

Casagranda tells us it's a good idea to keep their exercise light in severe cold. "So save those runs and long hikes for when it warms up a bit," she said.

And if your pet has to stay outside, make sure you have an insulated dog house and a heated water bowl. When walking your dog in cold temperatures, a sweater or a jacket is always a good idea to keep them warm.

When they come back inside, wipe their paws because if the ice melt gets on their tongue it can cause irritation.

Derek McGrath's dog, Benny, loves the winter. "He rolls in it, he loves it," said McGrath. "I have a little brother and sister that love to play with him in the snow."

But McGrath tells us he keeps his dog out of the cold. "We bring him in every night," he said.

Animal shelter volunteers also warned us that cats can crawl into your car engine to stay warm. Tap on the hood of your car before you leave to check if a cat was doing its best to keep warm.