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Propane leak cause of camper explosion

Published On: Oct 24 2013 07:58:35 PM MDT

Evergreen Fire Chief Craig Williams tells NBC Montana preliminary investigation reveals the explosion and fire of a camper Wednesday night was the result of a propane leak.

It was an image George never wanted to see again.

"Well that's when I came out and that's when I saw it, the people fly through the air. Right out of the wall," said George.

Samantha Schlinger, her son Christian Grey Buffalo, and a third male were tossed out of a burning camper parked in his yard on Rose Crossing on Wednesday.

"The cops showed up and I was still trying to keep the fire contained," said George. "Keep it off the gas tank off the motor home and off the propane tanks."

Sandy, Schlinger's mother in law, said she had just moved the 1977 camper to George's yard less than a day ago. Friends say Schlinger was saving up money to buy a house and wanted to get out of the camper by winter.

"She needed a place to park and I brought her here," said Sandy.

George says Schlinger had removed a propane refrigerator from the camper. It wasn't until after the explosion that he noticed that line was crimped.

"I had told them the day before when they asked me to hook it up or if I could help them hook it up," George explained. "I said I don't know what kind of condition the stuff is in, needed to check it with soapy water."

An account has been set up at Christian Grey Buffalo at Park Side Federal Credit Union to pay for medical costs and items lost in the fire.