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School board says levy passage would help upgrade technology

By Faith Smith, KECI Reporter, fcronin@keci.com
Published On: Apr 29 2013 09:44:29 PM MDT
Updated On: Apr 29 2013 10:20:46 PM MDT
School board says levy passage will help upgrade technology

Monday evening in Missoula school board trustees met to work on the next school year’s budget. A top concern was whether or not two controversial technology levies will pass.

One is for the elementary school district that would cost Missoula property owners roughly $550,000 annually.

The second is for the high school district that would cost property owners roughly $300,000 annually.

At the meeting some board members said they're worried the money in the budget won't be enough to cover technology costs if the levies fail.

“We would be in deep hurt if this tech levy does not happen,” said school board trustee Jim Sadler.  “We would have no funds then basically to support these programs and I’m worried about that.”

Missoula Schools Superintendent Alex Apostle said he feels strongly that the Missoula community will vote to support the levies. However, if they don’t, he says the impact won’t be detrimental.

“If it doesn't pass -- and I’m hoping that it does -- we will still be in good shape because basically it’s a maintenance and operations issue,” said Apostle.  “Just in terms of just maintaining what we have.”

NBC Montana broke down the numbers to see how much it would cost the owner of a house worth $200,000. Elementary tech levy:  $14.31 (annually). High school tech levy:  $4.57 (annually).

Voters must mail in their ballots by May 7 for their vote to count.

For more information about the technology levies or casting your ballot, click here.