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Snow gear sales steady ahead of Monday's storm

By Jordan Moore, KTVM Reporter, jmoore@ktvm.com
Published On: Oct 27 2013 07:45:07 PM MDT
Updated On: Oct 27 2013 07:47:14 PM MDT
BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Bozeman saw sunny skies Sunday afternoon, but conditions are changing quickly. NBC Montana checked in with a local ACE Hardware in Bozeman to see how snow gear sales are going.

We came across Mitch Reinertson. He currently lives in Big Timber and has called Montana home for 25 years. Sunday afternoon he was at ACE Hardware on West Main Street to purchase an additional snow shovel.

"We didn't need a steel one just a plastic one to clear the decks around our house," said Reinertson.

We also spoke to Rick Forester. He works at ACE Hardware and says judging by the slow snow shovel sales, Reinertson appears to be one of the few people who is preparing ahead of time.

"If this were going to happen in the middle of January, I think people would think ahead a little bit more, it is just too pretty of a day," said Forester.

Forester showed us around the store, shelves stacked with winter gear. He says when it comes to snow this time of year, most people don't really believe it until they see it.

"People will go and find out there snow shovel is broken, or misplaced it then they will come in and get new snow shovels," said Forester.

At the American Red Cross office in Bozeman we also met with communications director Anna Fernandez-Gevaert.

"You know, we will be out there as soon as we possibly can, but in a larger event we can't get to everybody right away. That is why we recommend people prepare and take responsibility for themselves," said Fernandez-Gevaert.

She showed is a Emergency Preparedness Kit and tells us some of the things in it are things you can gather at home, such as water and a flashlight. Before the snow falls she has one last reminder about the snow. A reminder she hopes will help people look ahead.

"It is always beautiful, but it is deceptively beautiful sometimes," said  Fernandez-Gevaert.