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State minimum wage scheduled to go up

By Associated Press
Published On: Oct 02 2013 07:14:21 AM MDT
Updated On: Oct 02 2013 07:14:32 AM MDT
Bozeman City Commission votes to increase their own pay
HELENA, Mont. -

 The state says the minimum wage is scheduled to increase 10 cents at the start of 2014.
The Montana Department of Labor said that the automatic increase is based on state law voters passed in 2008. That law established annual cost-of-living increases.
The wage will increase with the New Year from $7.80 per hour to $7.90 per hour.
The Labor Department says that the increase is based on an inflation index for the past year.
Montana is one of 18 states that have a higher minimum wage than the national minimum wage of $7.25. Washington has the highest minimum wage at $9.19.