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Extra rest could help Bobcats in FCS vs FBS showdown Saturday

Published On: Sep 04 2013 07:43:23 PM MDT

Southern Methodist University will be one of the toughest teams the Bobcats will face this season, but the team says they know what they have to do to win Saturday.

"We have to be mentally sound and go out there and make plays when the ball is thrown to us," said MSU senior wide receiver Jon Ellis. "We need to play as a team and dominate."

One benefit the team will have heading into their match-up in Texas is an extended week to rest and recover. With their Gold Rush game last Thursday, the Bobcats will have had eight days to rest and watch film in preparation for SMU.

"We get to recover, hydrate our bodies and go in the film room and be able to watch them," said Ellis. "We see what kind of schemes they're running so we know once we go out and get on the field for practice, we know what we need to do."

"We had two days off over the weekend, Saturday and Monday, and we ran hard Friday and Sunday," said MSU head coach Rob Ash. "I think we're in perfect shape right now to go have a good week of practice. I thought we played just the right amount of football Thursday. Most of the starters played two and a half quarters then had a chance to rest."

"We've got a long stretch," said MSU defensive line coach Bo Beck. "I think three out of the next four games are on the road. That's something they need to get prepared for so that's number one thing we got coming out of this week."

They will also have some extra confidence heading into this weekend after the FCS had an incredible showing against FBS teams in last weeks opening games. FCS teams won eight games against FBS teams last weekend, a new record. Those wins are something MSU hopes to build on.

"It was a record setting weekend for the FCS," said Ash. "I thought it was outstanding. I've been an FCS coach, advocate and proponent my entire career. I've always said that FCS teams have a chance to win every time they play the FBS games because it happens every year and this year was no exception."

Even though SMU will be one of the toughest teams on the schedule the Bobcats, they say they would rather play a tough opponent than an easy one.

"It's gonna be a challenge to go down there into an environment that a lot of kids have not ever been in," said Beck. "That's an opponent we don't know well since we wouldn't normally play them but that's the challenge. We embrace it. We wouldn't want it any other way. I don't want to say they're weak here or weak there. Whatever. Let's go get them when they're strong."