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Hawks host touring German wrestling club

By Kane O'Neill, KTVM Sports, koneill@ktvm.com
Published On: Jul 17 2013 11:12:32 PM MDT
Updated On: Jul 17 2013 11:15:27 PM MDT

Hawk Gym was set for international competition this evening as the Bozeman wrestling squad hosted a German foreign exchange wrestling club.

The German club is touring Montana hitting Bozeman tonight, Butte tomorrow and Missoula early next week.

Hawk Coach Nate Laslovich said a Montana wrestling group went to Germany last year so it was Montana's turn to return the favor this year.

The two groups partook in two wrestling styles, grecko and freestyle, not folkstyle, the type of wrestling that the Hawks are used to competing in.

Germany picked up the 41-31 win this evening but the Bozeman seniors still had a smile on their face say it was a fun experience and a great chance to learn from some international kids.

"It's fun," said senior Keavon Buckley. "Not only because we get to wrestle them but we get to learn about their culture and host them. It's a good experience for both teams I think."

"There styles are totally different, it's interesting to mix up styles," said fellow senior Vito Degidio. "It's good to get that experience and they're just awesome kids, they're  fun."

I asked both seniors if they tried to pick up any tricks or techniques on the mat, Keavon laughed and said, "I'll try anything that's fun. I saw a couple things I liked and said, 'hey, maybe I'll try it out there. I used to wrestle freestyle so I love it. It just take a whole different mindset. It's a lot of fun."

"I try and pick up as much as I can in all honesty," said Vito. "It's good practice. We don't wrestle much freestyle here at Bozeman High. We're predominately a folkstyle team but it's good to get that experience, especially over the summer."