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UM's Smith headed to Romania for hoops

Published On: Aug 23 2013 10:12:23 PM MDT

"Well I've always known going overseas is something I wanted to do.  It's kind of been a dream and goal of mine since I came to college." 

Former Lady Griz player Alyssa Smith always knew she wanted to play overseas, but finding someone who could help her do that was definitely a challenge.  Once she did find the right agent though, everything moved extremely fast.

"I signed the contract within five days of picking this agent,” said Smith.  “So it happened really quickly and I wasn't expecting it to happen that fast."

Despite saying she's always wanted to travel the world, even Smith couldn't have guessed that basketball would take her to Romania in Eastern Europe.

"When people say where are you going to play and I tell them Romania they're like.... ooh, you're going to Romania?  What I do know is there are some very beautiful places in Romania. I'm supposed to be getting paid for playing the sport that I love; it can't get much better than that."

Smith knows playing overseas will offer plenty of new challenges she's never even thought of before.

"I've never travelled outside of the country alone, nervous about that.  I'm nervous about navigating my way through a foreign country, a foreign airport.  Language barrier is going to be tough."

Despite the question marks moving forward, Smith says the University of Montana has prepared her for any challenge she might meet.

"I feel ready and prepared.  I had an awesome coaching staff here at Montana.  We competed at the highest level."

Smith knows this is the right choice for her right now, but it's been a roller coaster of emotions leading up to her departure.

"Excited but nervous and anxious and apprehensive and blessed.  I've always I've always had interest in seeing the world but I have an extreme passion for basketball as well.  The fact that I get to play the sport that I love and am extremely passionate about and see the world at the same time is what makes this opportunity so incredible."