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Zootown Surfers teach basics of kayaking

Published On: Jul 06 2013 09:20:14 PM MDT
Updated On: Jul 08 2013 04:17:35 PM MDT

Zootown Surfers hosted their two day introduction to whitewater kayaking class at Harpers Lake near Seeley, Montana. The morning heat excited the participants to get down and dirty with their kayaks.

"I love that they just take it step by step," said participant Michael Leip. "You get in the water, it's gorgeous out here and your in a beautiful part of Montana. First step you get in the water. You're dumping yourself out so you can get the worse out of the way right up front."

From father and son, to vacationers from Boston, the group was quite unique and differed greatly in experience levels. Instructors made sure everyone was comfortable and relaxed before entering the lake. Before the participants even got to touch their paddles they learned how to escape their kayaks.

"It's been challenging. It's a lot different then other types of kayaking that I've tried," said participant Elliot Tai-Browenlee.

As the basics steps were taught the participants courage seemed to grow. Control of their kayaks was taught step by step. The sun reflected off the lake and their paddles sliced through the water like butter as everyone enjoyed their surroundings and the lake itself.

"There's not a lot of places that you can come out to a nice mellow pond and a lake and enjoy the scenery, the water, and the environment," said instructor Shawn Byron. "I think that's one of the benefits of kayaking, you can get out and enjoy all those things."

Laughs and stories were told throughout the afternoon. Obstacles came into play but with the help of their instructors no challenge was out of reach.

"It's a blast, just getting out in the water, learning different strokes," said Leip. "Your kind of your going to miss some steps, spin around, you're going to go backward, your not going to do the right thing. But it's fun to have that trial and error and get to be out on the water on a gorgeous day."

Day one was filled with splashes and even some races. On day two the group will tackle the river with their kayaks.

For more information and class details click here.